Friday, July 20, 2012

Peacock Purple and Gold Wedding Invitation


Thought I'd share these lovely Peacock custom wedding invitations I created.  The Outer Pocket folder is in Gold Leaf Metallic with a Deep Plum Ribbon and Front tag printed on Ecru metallic backed in Deep Purple metallic cardstock.  Embellished with a loose Peacock feather.  Inside the Invitation and Insert cards are printed on Ecru metallic backed in Deep Purple metallic.

I love the Script font she chose to use, looks great for the Guest address printing on the envelopes.

I also created coordinating Menus, Table numbers and Escort cards.



  1. Interested in the design, which site can I view it on? What if I wish to have another color ribbon? Is it possible ?

  2. i am interested in these invites may i have more information